Suffer from Addiction

A lot of people claim that porn addiction is not a medical problem, but that doesn’t make sense. After all, other addictions such as shopping, alcohol and drugs are treated as addictions.

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I had a serious porn addiction for many years, and I was spending a fortune on Epping escorts from To be honest, I can’t remember how it all started, but I had always enjoyed being the center of attention. Epping escorts do make you feel you are the center of attention all the time, and they also make you feel very special. It was also a lot easier to talk to Epping escorts than to ordinary girls.

I had got married in my early thirties to a lovely girl. We did have a great sex life, but it was never as exciting as when I was with one of my girls. Perhaps I just expected too much of my wife.

Time has made me realized that I should never have compared my girls to my wife. They are professionals, and it is their job to make a client feel special and please him in all sorts of ways.

I thought my married life was boring and I started to spend more and more time with different girls, and it all got a bit over the top in the end. My wife started to wonder where all the money was going, and I did not dare to explain it to her.

Not only was I guilty of spending time with other women, but I also enjoyed the entire concept of porn. At times I even imagined myself as a porn star, and wanted the lifestyle that went with it.

My money was being spent on expensive dinners and 5 star hotel rooms in cities around the world. I worked in the oil industry so I was always traveling. My job made it easier for me to keep my addiction away from my wife.

I also spend hours locked away in my hotel bedroom watching porn movies. Fortunately, my activities never showed up on hotel bills, and the movies were just listed as premium services.

I was beginning to feel very guilty, but was still unable to talk to my wife. I felt that my porn addiction was my own business, and that I could manage it. By now, I had successfully kept my secret life away from my wife for over ten years. We had two lovely children, and I felt my life was wonderful.

The end came as a great shock to me. It was like my entire world imploded on me, and I certainly wasn’t ready for it all to end.

I had just recently ordered a lot of toys to share with my girls, and by mistake I had given the company the wrong delivery address. Instead of arranging for delivery to a discreet mail room, I had completed the online form with my home address.

Of course, everything was sent to my home and my wife opened the package. She was shocked at what she found, and started to look into things a bit more. In the end it all came out, and I had to confess my porn addiction.

By then it was too late, and my wife left with my children. Now, I no longer have any contact with my children and live on my own. I did get help with my sex addiction but it wasn’t easy. Needless, to say I have regretted everything and I have lost everything I took for granted.



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