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Sometimes when you have been with your lover for a long time, you may feel that things are getting a bit boring. Sex expert Dr. Annie Bliss refers to this as a “sexual stagnation period” and has some top tips on how we can deal with this situation. Many Holborn escorts have realized that to retain their dates, they know it is sometimes necessary to come up with new ideas. The Holborn escorts industry is a very competitive industry and a date may go somewhere if he or she gets bored with what is on offer. This is one of the reasons Holborn escorts from try to come up with new ideas to have fun with their dates. Perhaps, we should try this idea when it comes to our own personal sex lives as well.

Sex is meant to Be Fun

Above all, Dr. Bliss points out that sex is supposed to be fun. Holborn escorts know important it is to have fun with their dates and introduce many different types of play. Food for instance can be a fun way to play with your partner. We all know that chocolate spread or strawberries both sound like clichés but how often do we make them part of our sex lives. Dr. Bliss is quick to point out that couples that play together often stay together.

Introduce Something

Sometimes it isn’t introducing something new which is a problem, but it is how you introduce something new. Even getting new ideas can be difficult. A lot of men do enjoy watching porn movies but women seem to be a bit more reluctant. A lot of Holborn escorts have dates who like to watch porn movies, and they take the opportunity to learn from the experience. Watching porn movies can give a couple new ideas, and they might even see something they would really like to try. This is how some lovers are introduced to the more exotic ways of enjoying each other, and bondage would be an excellent example of that. That doesn’t mean that you need to try everything you see, but it is a good way to learn to appreciate different types of sex and porn.

Do It Somewhere Else!

The bedroom is okay but there are many other places around the house you can make love and have sex. Some lovers really like the kitchen table whilst others are into making love in the bathroom. Basically, it is okay to make love and have passionate sex in the house wherever you would like to. If, you have a particular fetish about the conservatory, you should perhaps be a little bit careful. Remember to draw the blinds just in case the neighbors do not appreciate your love making. Despite everything which has been written about sex and love, Dr. Bliss says that we are still hung up about sex. We find it difficult to let go and just really enjoy ourselves. Dr. Bliss is keen to point out that great sex is an amazing way to relieve stress and escape from everyday life. Many couples have realized this and have created their own little fantasy world of sex and porn. Holborn escorts often create their own fantasies for themselves and their dates. Perhaps we should all take a leaf out their book.

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