Give me a call- my name is Diamond

Are you all on your own tonight? Well, we can’t have that. My name is Diamond and I am a delicious young lady who would love to keep you company tonight. If you are don’t have anything else to do, and feeling a bit in need of a friend, I would suggest that you give me a call. I work for charlotte escorts, and like so many of the other ladies here at our charlotte escorts service, I can truly set your world on fire. How I do that, I will be telling you all about when we meet up, but I know that we can have some serious fun?

When was the last time you met up with a hot babe like me? Let me tell you that I have all of the curves in the right places and you will not be disappointed when we meet up. You see, when I am not at London escorts, I really like to look after my body. I spend many hours in a skimpy little work out outfit toning my body to perfection, so the gents that I meet at London escorts can enjoy it. If you like, I am more than happy to show you some of the exercises that I do when we meet up. Believe me, with me you can enjoy watching or participating.

Not all of the girls here at charlotte escorts are prepared to work hard to achieve a divine body like mine. Not only do I make sure that my exercise routine is just right, but at the same time, I make sure that I eat and drink the right things. Did you know that Champagne can be very slimming? That is why I encourage all of the fine gents that I meet at London escorts to bring me a bottle of champagne. After all, it is something that we can share together. The thing with Champagne is that it tastes just as good weather you are sitting up or perhaps enjoying a more horizontal position.

Do all charlotte escorts have a passion for looking after their bodies? I think that most London escorts do, but I like to make a little bit of extra effort. Not only do I work out, but I like things like saunas and steam rooms as well. They make me all hot and sticky, and I can feel that my skin really glows after I have enjoyed a session in one of those. Some gents are a bit worried about saunas, but they are good for you. Maybe you would like to try a sauna session with me. It is a special experience and I promise to be a good girl, but you don’t have to wear a towel unless you want to…

There are so many keep fit tips that I could give you, but I would like to meet you first of all. It would be nice to be able to assess your personal needs and find out how I can help you. Some people say that keeping fit and looking after yourself is a boring experience. Well, when you have my body to look at, you will not find that it is boring experience at all. I will make sure that I only teach you the most vital exercises. It is so easy to over do it, and I would not want you to end up all exhausted now.

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